Zionism is a nationalism, or collection of related nationalisms, supporting the establishment of a state exclusively for Jews. Conceptions of the nation of Israel is constructed from one or more of the religious, religious-cultural, biological descent and/or historical markers indicating Jewishness. The original secular and social-democratic inspirations of Zionism have been overwhelmed by a revisionist mass movement that is at times religious, racist, militarist and authoritarian. Most of the indigenous Palestinians were driven out of the pre-1967 borders of Israel in a brutal ethnic cleansing to create a Jewish majority state. In 1948-1949 hundreds of villages were destroyed, tens of thousands of people were killed, and millions were made refugees for generations. Millions of Palestinian refugees live in Jordan, Gaza and Lebanon. Israel denies them the right to return to their homeland even while inviting anyone claiming Jewish identity to settle.

Zionism is the only foreign nationalism that American politicians can endorse without being challenged as un-patriotic.

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