Virginia, officially the Commonwealth of Virginia, is an state in the American South with a population of approximately 8 million. Nicknamed "Old Dominion" and sometimes referred to as the "Mother of Presidents," its geography and climate are shaped by the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Chesapeake Bay. Richmond is the capital, Virginia Beach is the most populous city and Fairfax County is the most populous political subdivision.

Virginia history begins with the encounter between Europeans and indigenous groups, including the Powhatan. In 1607 a mixed public-private entity called the London Company established the Colony of Virginia as the first permanent English colony in the Western Hemisphere. Virginia was one of the Thirteen Colonies to join in the American Revolution and later joined the Confederacy in the American Civil War because its planter ruling class was defined by the vile institution of African slavery. Richmond served as Confederate capital while Virginia's northwestern counties refused to join the treasonous conspiracy and remained loyal to the United States, forming the state of West Virginia.

Virginia was part of the "Solid South" under single-party conservative Democratic rule for nearly a century following Reconstruction. The Virginia General Assembly is the oldest legislature in the Western Hemisphere, having survived two or perhaps three different political regimes.

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