We are not powerless because we can still be outraged and we still have our voices.

Listen to the words of Richard Martinez, the father of 20 year old student Christopher Michaels-Martinez, who was murdered in an atrocity made possible by the gun lobby: "They [politicians] have done nothing and that's why Chris died ... in my opinion...It's almost become a normal thing for us to accept this...It's not normal ... life doesn't have to be like this."

Life does not have to be like this!

Optimism about the possibility of improving living conditions for everyone in America so that every individual can realize their full human potential is at the heart of the democratic Left tradition in America. Against the ideological Right's grinding negativity and appeals to the fear, selfishness and ignorance, the democratic Left offers hope for national renewal.

"But what has happened is the Republicans have said 'no, no, no.' They have waged more filibusters than any time in the history of this country. They have been the party of 'no' and obstructionism. At some point, what the president has got to understand [is] they do not want America to succeed. They're into politics." Senator Bernie Sanders, Vermont. Oct. 3, 2010.

Life in America does not have to be imprisoned in the intellectual and emotional limits of conservatism.

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