The Institute for Washington's Future recognizes the great need in Washington State to renew the progressive movement by:

  • promoting sustainable economic development;
  • long-term coalition building;
  • and greater inclusion of minority groups and rural participants in the decision making processes of our state


Sustainable Development ProgramEdit

The Institute is committed to reforming the economy of the Northwest according to the values of environmental sustainability and economic justice. This commitment has taken the Institute to several communities, particularly rural communities, where both the need and opportunities are greatest for economic change which reflects these values. The role of the Institute is to support local communities in planning, developing, and financing projects of promise.

Public Finance ReformEdit

Washington state's system of taxation is the most regressive in the United States. This public finance system is unfair and inadequate. In addition, it is so complex that most people, even elected officials, do not understand all the nuances and implications. The Institute for Washington's Future is seeking and promoting long-term solutions, not short-term fixes.

OPEN: Online Progressive Empowerment NetworkEdit

The purpose of the OPEN project is to provide low-income communities in Washington state with the organizing and technology tools that will enable them to narrow the political and economic gaps that currently keep them politically sidelined and in poverty. Significant initial support for this project has come from the C.S. Mott Foundation.

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