Glenn Beck is a conservative populist talk show host now on Fox News.  The fomer Roman Catholic with a drinking problem and now Mormon Beck offers daily servings of conservative "who to fear and hate" rhetoric.  Like the more succesful Rush Limbaugh, Beck speaks to an audience that rarely encounters anyone not like themsekves under terms of social equality.  Keith Olbermann described Beck's schtick as the "comfort of today's mythical homespun aw-shucks-TV-totalitarian-Lonesome-Rhodes."  Comservative populist demogogues offer their audiences license to express their anxieties as hatred for the less powerful.

On December 18, 2009,Politifact awarded the conservative crybaby with the runner-up Lie of the Year prize for his whopper that Obama White House science adviser John Holdren, "proposed forcing abortions and putting sterilants in the drinking water to control population." Sarah Palin took first prize for her Death Panel claim.

A recent column by Alexander Zaitchik highlighted the connection between Beck and Mormon political extremist W. Cleon Skousen.

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