We are private citizens with a general goal to get more involved in politics. Our country is moving in the wrong direction, and we need to turn this ship around.

Inspired and energized by the Howard Dean campaign in the 2004 Democratic Primary, our dreams of having Howard Dean as the next President were dashed when the voters made a different choice. In our search for answers to the question of why this happened, we came into a much better understanding of the entire election process and how we can actually make a difference. When Howard Dean came back to Seattle on March 18th, 2004, we found our focus and our name, and we're starting to roll fast and furious.

Read Howard Dean's March 18th Speech announcing Democracy for America:

Or listen to it on Vermont Public Radio.

Howard Dean generated a great deal of support in the Seattle area. His ideas and willingness to stand up to the Radical Right Wing of the Republican Party showed us that we all have the power to make a difference. We've gotten a taste of making that difference, and we're not going to quit. It's too important.

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