America Coming Together, commonly abbreviated ACT, is a 527 committee dedicated to get-out-the-vote activities. ACT endorses the Democratic party. They were the largest 527 group in 2004 and are planning on being involved in races in the future. They were primarily funded by Peter Lewis, George Soros, and labor unions, especially SEIU, and are led by Steve Rosenthal, who is the former political director for the AFL-CIO. ACT is a member of America Votes.

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In the last 3 weeks leading up to Nov. 2, ACT planned on funding over 12 million phone calls to targeted voters and having canvassers hand-deliver 11 million pieces of literature at targeted doorsteps. On Election Day, ACT had projected to have 45,000 paid canvassers in the battleground states and spent over $10 million on Election Day. They had 86 offices open every day and a staff of 4000 and a goal of reinforcing the army of 45,000 paid canvassers with 25,000 volunteers.


ACT was shut down in 2007. Activists are encouraged to get involved in one of the America Votes sponsor organizations.

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