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Perhaps as a signal of the temporary nature of the place and its people, the name "Alabama" actually means "here we rest." So the state has a place name that does not actually indicate much intention.

Alabama's rate of deaths from gun violence is 17.6 per 100,000. Daily Beast

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Question: Who has power in Alabama?
Answer: White, Christian fundamentalist, ideologically conservative males. Consider the evidence:

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, in 2009 only 12.1% of Alabama state legislators were women. Only the South Carolina and Oklahoma state legislatures are farther from gender parity. The national average of 24.3%.

By Spring 2012, the right to abortion in Alabama was effectively legislated out of existence.

By Fall 2014, the rape culture in Alabama's women's prisons was being revealed to the rest of the nation.

In June 2012, Republican political appointees on the Alabama Educational Television Commission purged Alabama PTV veteran journalist Allan Pizzato and his deputy Pauline Howland. This was an apparent political reprisal for rejecting an ultra-conservative documentary.

In 2007, the Limestone County School Board voted 4 to 3 to ban the 2001 novel Whale Talk. The pro-censorship board members were Shannon, Earl Glaze, Bryant Moss, and Darin Russell. Were these four conservative white Alabama politicians offended because the protagonist was multi-racial?

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