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  • January 27: Fourteen people, including two minors, are killed in gang related violence in a nightclub in Fortaleza, Brazil.


  • August: Venezuelan officials say two explosive-laden drones were detonated near to President Maduro during a live, televised speech. Maduro accuses Colombia and elements within the US of a "right-wing plot" to kill him, without evidence.
  • August: In response to hyperinflation Venezuela slashes five zeros from its old currency, renaming it the Sovereign Bolivar and tying it to a state-backed cryptocurrency.


  • September: European Parliament votes by a two-thirds majority to trigger Article 7 of the European Union’s founding treaties against Hungary for a fundamental breach of European values. The process may result in stripping an increasingly Hungary of its voting rights in the European Council.


  • October 5: To ramp up fears of Russophobia Russian news source falsely claims that Russian citizens entering Ukraine will be compelled to write in Ukrainian.
  • October 27: Anti-Semitic conspiracist loser Robert Bowers kills 11 in the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh. 'Worst U.S. President Ever' refuses to stop tweeting about the event, including blaming the victim talking points of the NRA.
  • October 28: Social Liberal Party candidate Jair Bolsonaro wins run-off election to become President of Brazil, with 55.2% of the vote against 44.8% for Fernando Haddad of the left-wing Workers' Party.


  • November 6: U.S. Midterm Elections - Democratic Party retakes control of the U.S. House of Representatives, which includes a record number of diversity 'firsts'